Monday, August 07, 2006

NBA Mixtape 2006
Here goes the first entry into the NBA team previews. With without much further
Your Toronto Raptors!!

I know it's hard to get excited for a bunch of Euro's and bench guys playing in Canada, but if you compare them to a (in)famous rap group of today, you'll definitely get 10x more pleasure when watching Raps losses re-air on NBATV.

Toronto Raptors = Wu Tang Clan

TJ Ford = RZA
TJ will have to take on the leadership role on this team much RZA did during the early years of Wu Tang. This stint in TOR will either make or break TJ's career. Unlike in MIL where he had veteran backups Charlie Bell and Mo Williams to defer to during crunch time situations, his backups in TOR are the aging Darrick Martin and the raw Calderon. Also TJ will notice that dishing to MoPete isn't the same as dishing to Michael Redd. As long as he improves his shot selection (.416 FG% and .337 3PT%) and feeds the ball to Chris Bosh he will be a solid 15pts 8ast 4rbs 1.5stl per night guy.
Chris Bosh = Method Man
Arguably the best Rapper commercially in the group the same can be said for Bosh as he is the only one with league-wide fame. Expect bosh to have a stellar season this year. With the exiting of shoot-first PG Mike James/ Entering of TJ Ford and the ability of his new teamates to spread the floor expect his numbers to grow in all categories. This year he will probably average around 26pts-11rbs-3ast per outing. That's not to say all is wonderful in the land of CB4. He still hasn't asserted himself on defense yet. If he can improve on his paltry 1.3 blocks per 39 mins and learn how to play help D, Bosh can be an All-NBA first or second teamer this year.
Andrea Bargnani = Raekwon
No don't lambast me off the get go for comparing the #1 Italian Draft Pick to the man that produced Only Built for Cuban Linx. Raekwon was nicknamed "The Chef", and Andrea was nicknamed "The Magician". Both these careers can are very unstable. A chef can be on the top and working at a 5-star joint in Manhattan or he can flipping burgers at a Truck Stop in Peducah, Kentucky. Same with magicians, you can either be at The Bellagio or working Bar Mitzvahs in Schenectady, NY. Andrea does show promise, good Euroleague stats, decent summer league games. But of course so did Nikolov Thsitivihli.
Bryan Colangelo= GZA
Called himself the Genius as an alias. He's created a contender so far, Phoenix (Liquid Swords). He has given this team a completely different look and more Euro-centric focus than NBA teams. Will this be another hit(Beneath the Surface) or a flop(Legend of the Liquid Sword)?
Rasho Nesterovic= U-God
Because if you are playing against Rasho U are a God

Well that ends my preview.
And let's finish with

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