Friday, October 20, 2006

Blogger is as user-friendly as the Redskins 700-page playbook

First off, it feels good to be back. I've been on a leave of absence for a while due to family, school and work issues, but now after those kinks are worked out I plan to start posting on a regular basis. For those of ya'll who don't know me I was a founding(absent/deadbeat) father of this site after meeting up with Yung Tanc at a camp in Natchitoches. Well enough of the mindless jabber of Tank and I's shared fellatio of basketball and Cam'ron, let's roll with my first article.

During my fall break I ventured to USC and visited a friend and attended a USC football game. I figured that I'd do SI's Arish Marakazi one better and compare the 2 based on everything besides the actual teams. Arish is supposed to be SI's "hip" reporter in an attempt to be edgy and assimalte with college culture(B/c we all know Peter King's telling of his bowel movements and Starbuck's love stories thrill the 16-25 crowd), and during a trip to Shreveport he mentioned the city had a "creole" vibe to it. Shreveprt is considered Texas for Christ's sake! It'd be more likely to see Mad Dog become an All-Star this year than for a Shreveportian to speak or do anything remotely resembling Southern Louisiana.
Well to go with adage of Ben Franklin "A short blog is a read blog", I'll keep this edition short and elaborate more on my next 2 editions of LSU vs USC.

Pre Game
-Large and diversified crowd of tailgaters, the Spanish group was fun to be around "Ole! Tecate for todos!"
-But yet not enough people of the earth, the rich egalitarian scene is nice but no drunk beligerents..which i guess can be a plus
-Nice tailgate weather, nothing kills a buzz at an LSU tailgate quicker than a heavy sweat
-No "historical" tailgating societies, makes sense being that LA is a fad town and whatnot
-Food resembled a Opening Night gala for "The Prestige" at Whole Foods. Wine and Chardonnay and pitas for days. Ehh..

- A sea of drunk middle-class people
-Historical Tailgate socites, before even the legendary Kirby-Smith went up these guys have been out there
- The food, what esle can be said, Wine coolers and hummus does not sit as well nor makes you feel as wonderful and jambalaya and Natty Lite.

LSU in a landslide, you know having the Spanish section is nice, but historical and family feel of 120,000 plus regular people is hard to beat. The food is extremely one-sided with the edge going to LSU due health and class does not equal taste. Plus USC has soccer and frisbee going on at the tailgates, what is this hippie America.. oh wait it's Los Angeles

Next week is Part 2: Student Sections!

Reppin Jigga City

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