Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TANBR's New Look

You might have noticed that things on the site look a bit different now. We've installed some classy wood-grain, hung a few jerseys in the rafters, and--more importantly--started offering titles for posts and laying down a proper archives section. There's also some space for links on the right in a blogroll. So if you have something to promote, send it our way and we'll consider putting it up there.

As the season inches closer, we're preparing some running features and ideas for posts. This week you can expect an exhaustive review of the new iteration of NBA Live, for instance. Jelly might even write something. Excited?

To pretend as if this post has something to do with sports, here are some videos concerning the defending champs:

I think The Big Aristotle could peer into the future and tell me the exact moment of my death, and I wouldn't be upset as long as he smiled and pointed at me. If I'm scheduled to die in the next five or ten years, I might need a thumbs up from him, but otherwise I'm good.

Who can forget the 'Toine shimmy? Pancake Face trots this out every time he makes a big play. So he's done it about four times in the past decade. By the way, 645 three-point attempts in one season is actually not a record, but it's close.

Watching white people try to do this dance never gets old. Why weren't there any Mike Doleac shots? Come on, Miami media. Give me the goods.


P.T. said...

Love the new layout. The thing is, everyone from the antiquated LSU media has refused to step up and give JaMarcus anything in terms of a nickname. It's not my job. I've heard a few from Junckie throughout the years, however. 'JR' is ok except for the fact that it reminds me too much of 'VY,' which is still all over the place here. Personally, my favorite JaMarcus memory will probably always be his chest beat and point to the sky after Russell to Bowe in Tuscaloosa last year. I don't know how to quantify that into a nickname, though.


There-- I've officially jinxed the weekend. Shit.

- P.T.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming back, no doubt about it. But Tank where is the J.R. Rider, Sprewell and David Thompson love? On the notion of a JaMarcus nickname, we use J-Mark or if we really want to fancy we'll pull out BJG -"Black Jeff George". Maybe if I use this enough Jason "The non Bojangler" Whitlock may fellate J-Mark in his weekly column on AOLsports. I'll keep the few loyal readers updated on my trip to SoCal which is where i'm located at the moment.
Pace and reppin Jigga City!

Tank said...

Shit. I forgot about your boy Wally Sczerb too. I'll put them in there, but I can't promise when. That stupid graphic took way longer to make and put up there than it should have.

Thompson's gotta be the Nuggets, and I associate J.R. with the Blazers, but what era Sprewell do you like?

Jelly said...

Hmm, If you can out him in "The City"-era Warriors jersey or put him on the Knicks that's all i ask for. Also how about Ron Artest being the most sane man on those Pacer teams. S-Jax went bonkers as a Strip Club last night alongwith NAIA all-time leading scorer Snap Hunter.