Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Quick Reminder

I meant to mention one more thing to you. A few people have been reading my--and the occasional Jelly--writing from the notes that are automatically imported into my Facebook profile, and those people are missing all the pictures, videos, and various and sundry goodies found on the blog hosting those writings, This Ain't No Bank Robbery, which is located at (They're also throwing off our hit-counter and keeping away lucrative advertising partnerships.) There. I guess I wrote all that just to tell you that we have a blog.

It seems as if you should get more out of a post than just that. How about this picture:

Funnier than having an actual size Adam Duritz tat? Proclaiming yourself as straight edge just above it, thus diffusing the inevitable question, "So you must have been really drunk, right?"

How about a link? I thought of posting a review of the terrific new Game album. But then I read Kelefa Sanneh's perfect review in The New York Times and decided anything I could write would be redundant.
Repentant yet Defiant, a Rapper at His Best- Kelefa Sanneh

While we're on the subject of rap, how about a downright filthy song download of the best rapper working?
Lil' Wayne- "Show Me What You Got Remix"

My Will Ferrell fandom is well-documented, so how about a vintage clip (amazingly still on YouTube) of the creepy "The H. Is O." sketch from the brass years (not golden or even silver) of "SNL"?

Another song download that only one person will take advantage of? By the way, who is this one person? It's not P.T. Is it Jelly? Is it a certain Wake Forest law student? Is it a poet friend of mine? Show yourself. Why is there only one person downloading anyway? I'm using ZShare now. It's much cooler. You can stream or download stuff, and it's not as sketchy and virusey-looking. Anyway, this is ten minutes long, but it's a great primer for Hell Hath No Fury, which will probably be the best album of the year.
Clipse- "Time's Up Freestyle"

How about another picture?

Shawn Kemp in the most disgusting all-star unis ever: BAAALLLLIN'

Or pretty much the type of inclusion that makes Wikipedia great: The 5-Second Rule

There. That's your money's worth.

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Anonymous said...

I have come this close to posting something in regards to the I'm Not Feeling the Sweater Vest columns/posts/whatever they're called, but I got called out so I figured this is a good time to drop some knowledge.

The Clipse freestyle was pretty good. I don't know who the guy was that came after Malice and Pusha T, but the last guy (I think it was Roscoe P. Coldchain) came through.

I don't know if it's a nation-wide commercial, but up here in the Piedmont Triad the commercial for the new Clipse CD has Snoop from The Wire doing the whole promotional voiceover thing. It's good stuff.

I agree that Hell Hath No Fury should be up there with the top rap disks to come out this year. I can only hope that Pharrell keeps himself more on the production side and less on the guest artist side. Why did Pharrell's latest release suck? Because he was on every track as an artist. Pharrell understood his place on Lord Willin' and that's what made it a classic.

I've been pushing this guy pretty hard since I picked up his CD at Tower Records last year. Check out Dizzy's only video (At least that I'm aware of):