Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's My Dick in a Box!

Seriously, "SNL": Being funny is not that difficult. Quit pretending that I care about Darrell Hammond's Ted Koppel impressions, quit pretending that you're politically astute. All I want this Christmas is Andy Samberg running around New York with a camera and his dick in a box.

Check this while you can. NBC is Quick Draw McGraw when it comes to policing their content on YouTube.

Big up to Timberlake. First dude paces his "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig (again), then his album and singles pop up on any blogger worth his snark's best of list. "My Love" even snagged number one on Pitchfork's coveted Top 100 Tracks of 2006 list. (To those who take this stuff seriously, that's like winning the Super Bowl or laying Cameron Diaz. Oh wait.) Plus, Alpha Dog looks awesome.

J.T.'s performing in March at the Arena in the round. Don't let me pay a hundred bucks to go. Do your best.

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