Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Still Proud...I Guess

Yeah, so listening to the game on the radio (I had to work.) pretty much felt like this:

Wolf Eyes- "Stabbed in the Face"

Hey, I don't mean to make this blog too racial, but why does it matter that Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are both African-American? After each game, reporters couldn't wait to ask them how it felt to be the first black men to lead teams to the Super Bowl, to represent all black people across the world, and both men said something like, "Pretty good...I guess." They obviously weren't comfortable with the question, but I wish one of them would have been like: "Don't we live in a world where we're supposedly equal? I've worked too hard for you to ask me that question, and in a way, it belittles what I've accomplished. I'm a good fucking coach, and my skin color is completely irrelevant when it comes to why I'm here. The more the national media plays up 'firsts,' the less progress we all have. How come a black man can't win an Oscar without the camera panning to the reaction of every other black person in the audience? How come I can't just go to the Super Bowl? Can I say 'coach' on TV?"

At least I'll be able to get some discount Saints gear. I have a feeling the bandwagon has derailed.

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