Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Second Coming

A few people around the web that is worldwide have already posted this, but it belongs on TANBR too since it feels as if Nike somehow Freddy Kruegered their way into my dreams to make this commercial. Seriously, Just Blaze sampling The Shining with Juelz Santana kicking some half-rhymes over shots of Nike's superstars (and 'Sheed) BALLLINNN'? If Scarlett Johansson, Mark Madsen, Tuna Tank Subway sandwiches, or etymology were mentioned anywhere, I was considering legal action. As it is, I'll just watch this over and over again.


Also, I found this on oldshityouveprobablyalreadyseen.com, but it's hilarious.

Finally, here's some stuff I've been meaning to fit in somewhere, and this seems like the post to do it:
Trae- "Real Talk" (mp3)
Saigon- "Desperado" (mp3)
Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake- "Give It to Me" (mp3)
[Sorry about the quality on that last one, but I got it off an early rip and it's been pulled on every blog that originally posted it. Luckily, no important industry types are TANBRines. So enjoy it here or wait for Timbo's upcoming album The Thomas Crown Affair. Yep.]

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