Friday, February 23, 2007

King of All Media

Nothing too earth-shattering happened at the NBA trade deadline, but I like the Juan Dixon move for Toronto. Fred Jones is pretty much the antithesis of the Euro style Colangelo is trying to wrangle together, and a combo guard like Dixon can get way more minutes for them. The Raptors are looking very strong. My man Bargnani is coming on, and Bosh is a monster. I'm looking for them to catch fire going into the playoffs. Anyway, here's some fun stuff.


Enjoy it while you can. The NBA has been fronting on YouTube of late. But I love it so.


Remember when Jean-Claude Van Damme was King of Bacchus? Remember when he held that kick from Napoleon to Poydras? Remember when I gave up looking at this picture for Lent? Neither do I.

One word, one untethered and unfounded reference: bu-fu, Blake Stepp

Speaking of the bu-fu, one of my biggest projects on TANBR this year is to make Kordell Stewart cool again. What happened, dude? That fall from grace was Crispin Glover-esque.


1. Girl Talk- "Pure Magic" (from the Bone Hard Zaggin' 7")- This dude is bananas. People think it's impressive when I remember who Tracy Bonham is, and this guy sandwiches her in between Petey Pablo, Lumidee, and Digital Underground.
2. Young Buck- "Get Buck"- In a couple of months, Polow da Don is going to be everyone's new favorite producer. This is his "Slow Jamz" or "Shake Ya Ass." A lot of people are going to be asking who's behind the boards.
3. Feist- "Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)"- I want a new Postal Service album, dammit. I'm glad the boys worked on this, but it's time they could have spent on new shit.
4. Lily Allen- "Nan, You're a Window Shopper" - I'm falling in love. Usually, my relationship with musicians and their potential popularity is tense, but I want this girl and her cynicism to be bigger than Christina Aguilera.
5. Demetri Martin- "The Remix"- "I have this friend who uses a lot of similes. He's like...annoying."


"The Post Show" is always good--you should check it out if you haven't--but some are much better than others: Bob Dylan: No Direction, Period.
The new Kanye West remix of Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" (and a comma splicing race) leaked today. It'll be everywhere over the weekend, but so far it's only available to stream. I've listened to it a few times and can't quite make up my mind. Even though he didn't slap a verse on it, I think Kon's Maroon 5 remix was a bit gullier.

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MT said...

Kanye Remix: gimmie a day, some whiskey, fruity loops, and I got you. The verse is at least funny, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I may just be burned out on the song. . .