Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Looking Back on It, My Stuff Has Been Way Too Serious Lately

This video has been viewed over a million times. Fuck a book. The Internet's awesome.

I thought of so many dirty jokes as a caption for this. But it's really just a good photo, and I haven't mentioned ScarJo in a bit.

(Hey, you ever think of this: part of the reason the Cinderella story holds up so well is that midnight still seems kind of late. The Charles Perrault version of the story was written in the 1600s, and he thought about it enough to have a time universally acknowledged as late and dangerous for Cinderella to be out, that is realistic and logical and convenient. Pretty awesome.)

I was on some messageboard, and there was a guy cool enough to have this as his signature. Then, I realized that I'm so cool I saved it on my computer for a time when it would be convenient to post it. I then died a little inside.

Speaking of Mannings, the best part of this Eli photo is when you look closer and realize that he's singing Bon Jovi. Color me impressed.

If even a German seven-footer has a man-crush on him, I feel a little better about myself.

When do you have too much music? When these two files are in your library. As acapellas.

Kobe Bryant- "K.O.B.E. (acapella)" (mp3)

Limp Bizkit feat. Method Man, Redman, DMX- "Rollin' (Urban Assault Remix [acapella]) (mp3)

And around the Internet, which I still capitalize even though that rule seems to have gone out the window...
Olindo Mare got traded to the Saints for a sixth round pick today. First off, I didn't know we needed a kicker; it's not like Jon Carney was shanking it--I don't remember any huge mistakes that would warrant his demotion/fire. Plus, is Olindo Mare that big of an upgrade, missing 10 of 36 field goal tries last year? Do you remember the Dolphins winning that many close games last year? I guess I should be happy about my team making any moves at all though, and we don't need the 199th pick anyway. The good news is that there's an 85% chance we'll see Carney in a Cowboys uniform in the next few years.

There's a John Brown soundboard?

Classic WWF interviews. I haven't laughed this hard since...well, since a few hours ago when I watched my boy Sanjaya.

Finally, your boy Master P is starring in the forthcoming Black Supaman- The Movie. Ten years ago this would have come out in theaters.

Joakim Noah Encore:

The dance.

We mentioned this yesterday, but you probably didn't read that far. The best part is Nantz's unfazed, "...Hey, Corey--".

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