Monday, May 14, 2007

The Saints in 2007: Get Familiar

Most boards have the Saints at about 18/1 to win the Super Bowl, and it's easy money. We kept everyone except the superfluous Joe Horn, we had a decent draft, and Sean Payton cut a dude twelve minutes into his first practice today. The pink slip probably said, "Don't front."

This isn't any kind of sophisticated preview of exactly how the Saints will ball all over any team this season. It's just my way of saying don't front. They will.

Really the only negative thing I can think of is that Reggie Bush is now "dating" celebrity-for-no-reason Kim Kardashian. (Actually, she's Robert Kardashian's daughter, friends with Paris Hilton, and was in a sex tape with Ray J, which is not a joke but kind of is. [I actually know all the words to Ray J's 2001 single "Wait a Minute." I worked in a movie theater that played it every half-hour--"Buy the cham by the case-oh/Got a pocket full of pesos/It's on toniiiiight."--]) Hopefully he drops her before she Yokos his season.

If she's a short-term thing though, good look. Pace that smug look on his face. Sand-baggin' son-of-a-bitch.

I can't believe I'm going to be watching all the games while freezing my butt off in some Philadelphia bar. I won't be here. That's how you know the Saints are going to win it all. Terrabull.

The bandwagon's circling around.


P.T. said...

I was prepping a similar post, but I'll just append a couple links to yours:

I can't think of a better potential victory cigar for us against teams like the Bucs and Falcons (who will be legitimately terrabull next season, what with the nonplussing hire of Bobby Petrino and Vick's dogfighting/marijuana/secret, impromptu meeting with Roger Goodell issues) than Mister Tyler Palko:

Also, I hate about ninety percent of wide receivers, and I'm starting to wonder when NFL teams will just never consider Tennessee wideouts ever again (word up, Kelly Washington and Peerless Price):

I think one of my next columns will be about how Tags was actually a really bad commissioner. Ever notice how Goodell's name is in the news so much more from cleaning up the disciplinary issues still leaking out from Tags' administration? Tagliabue's like the parent who works sixteen-hour days to make excellent bank but neglects everything else about his children, and Goodell's the grandparent who needs to set the kids straight after they've hit rock bottom. Or something.

- P.T.

MT said...

How many times are we going to hear Tamborine this summer? The first vacation jam has hit, get familiar.