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NBA Draft 2007: Part 1

Before I start the post let me congratule Mr. Tank himself on choosing a wonderful woman to spend the rest of his life with and best of luck towards ya'll's future, and also i have to say it, the Father's accent during the service made me laugh once.

The NBA Draft is upon, for me it's like spring is in the air. I am finding the guys that I followed in college and HS, and awaiting to see the situations they get thrown into the NBA.
So without further ado.

The Portland Trailblazers with the first pick of the NBA Draft select.....Greg " Super Chief / Godzilla " Oden - C Ohio State

Alot has been said already about this picture, but i just gotta say, that's a tall bitch!

First thing's first, the Durant vs Oden debate for this team.

Oden Lineup

PG: Jarret Jack
SG: Brandon Roy
SF: Martell Webster/ Ime Udoka
Zach Randolph/LaMarcus Aldridge
C: Greg Oden

Oden fits well with this team due to the fact that he does not need to be fed the ball consistently to score. Oden's lack of ball dominance allows the main offensive pieces in the halfcourt set, Roy and Z-Bo to get their touches and let the offense flow through them. During this phase of the game Oden will use his body during these halfcourt sets to get offensive rebounds and some oops, using that along with a few post entry passes to average 12+ points easy. Oden's defensive prowess also allows him to guard the better post player which puts the PF on the "easier" one letting him save his energy for the offensive end(something that Z-Bo and LAldridge are much better at). This lineup also lets my boy Udoka(NBDL REPRESENT) get more playing time, as he morphs into the glue guy that this team will need in the playoffs/clutch end season.

Durant Lineup

PG: Jarret Jack
SG: Brandon Roy
SF: Kevin Durant/ Martell
PF: Z-Bo
C: Lamarcus Aldridge

Aight podnuh, everybody notices the first thing, OH SHIT OFFENSE!!! LOLERZ SUNS-ROSE CITY STYLE STAND UP!!! F U HATERZ!(sorry i've been reading too many Datpiff/Gawker chatboards). Alright so you've got a good offense ,let's run this thing fast paced. But upon closer inspection you realizer that: Jumbo Jack(no offense) and Z-Bo are not the fastest cats on the block so that's Strike 1, Z-Bo and the rest of the Blazers front court depth sans LA are chained to the ground so no cute dunkaroo finishes,(a paramount feature of run-n-gun offenses) ,Strike 2. So with a halfcourt set the primary ballhandlers are going to be Roy, Jack and due to his status KD. This presents a problem in that all the players need the ball in there hands to score and the slowed down pace will limit the effectiveness of the players. And in conclusion the defense also lacks as well. The Oden lineup has two players who do not need the ball in their hands at all times to be effective (Martell/Udoka and Oden) which allows for the other players to reach maximum potential. The non-ball effectiveness combined with his defensive prowess is why the Blazers must choose Oden.

With The Second pick of the 2007 NBA Draft the Seattle SuperSonics choose....
Aaron Gray -C Pittsburgh... just kiddin
g Kevin Durant - F Texas

As much as I enjoy Big White Stiffs (no homo), this will finally be the year that they don't draft a 7-footer(2005 Swift, 2006 Petro, 2007 Sene, it's damn near Matt Millen/ Hawk esque) by drafting a 6-10 guy. I really don't even have to explain that KD resembles none of guys being that America watched KD dominate this college baskteball season. So let's examine how KD will fit in with the Sonic lineup .

2007-08 Seattle Sonics

Luke Ridinour/ Earl Watson
SG: Ray Allen
SF: Durantula
PF: Wilcox/Collison
C: Swift( Have you seen that hair, gotta be legit)

Durant has all the tools to be succesful here: competent pass-first PG, the worlds best spot-up shooter to help the double team not as effective, Ray Allen also gives KD someone to defer to when he disappears for stretches during the game, and a guy to enforce the paint allowing KD to float around the court(wilcox).

With the Third pick in the 2007 NBA Draft the Atlanta Hawks select.....
Brandan Wright- F UNC

The Hawks fall into the Lion-WR conundrum this year in that Brandan is a great player and in any other year worth the #1 spot. I know the blogosphre is screaming at me right now fo having the hawks take a non-PG, but the truth is that Mike Conley is not worth a 3 pick, especially in this draft. So the Hawks should take Brandan here and hopefully pick up Law or Critteron later to build a Golden State stlye offense, with numerous wings who all fill a different niche amd a heady PG who can take big shots. They already have the wings( Joe Johnson -scoring/ballhandling, Josh Childress - rebounding/mid-range shots, Josh Smith- highlight reel dunks/defense, Marvin Williams - the future ..hopefully) and Brandan will add some more depth to that, and they will assess the other need with the 11th pick in the draft.

With the Fourth Pick in the 2007 NBA Draft the Memphis Grizzlies select...
Mike Conley - PG Ohio ST

With Marc Ivaroni at the helm for this Memphis team expect a suns style offense . . . . eventually. he already has 3 spots on lock in the roster for that style: Mike Miller- who will flourish in a more open style due to his ridiculously beautiful shooting stroke, Rudy Gay - has all the necessary talent and athleticism to become an amazing all around player, and Pau Gasol who's post deftness and post passing is underated, and fits in well with this new scheme. Of the other 2 starting spots avaible,PF and PG, the PG is more critical to a team built to run. Also their PF rotation is no slouch with Hakim Warrick and Alexander Johnson both working the man-beast role to full potential, something the Stromile Swift just couldn't get himself to do. While the Grizzlies PG are well, quite .. .grizzled, Chucky Atkins and Damon Stoudamire aren't getting younger and Kyle Lowry may not be the long term answer they hoped for, so Conley is logical choice.

With the Fifth Pick in the 2007 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics select.........
Corey Brewer - SF Florida
Wow, if he has that same look of befuddlement/flriting with camera action at the draft with and outrageous suit, I may just buy this cat's jersey

The Celtic youth movemnet is now coming into it's own with Paul Pierce playing the role of grand sage. They are now looking for the final piece, the guy who can do a little bit of everything. That man is Brewer. During his tenure at UF he showed, his offensive versatility, posting up smaller guys and beating bigger men off the dribble. He also has defensive versatility in that he can guard the 1-3 spots along with an occasional undersized/jump shooting 4. Also his amazing athleticism will help provide the Celts with those "wow" moments off the bench to keep this young team pumped, something they lacked last season. With Brewer and Rondo the Celts have a good, young perimter defense. If Al Jefferson can further mature defensively the Celts can start to emulate the Late 90's Hawks who had the inside/outside defensive combo of Mookie/Mutumbo. The only weakness in Brewer's game is his jumpshot, as his shooting percentages have fallen since his sophmore season at UF. However his shot has been falling at the Orlando pre-draft camp which shows that he is working on refining his game for the NBA which is a good to sign to see for any potential suitor.

With the Sixth Pick in the 2007 NBA Draft the Milwaukee Bucks select
Al Horford - PF Florida

Taking Horford hear is a great pick for the Bucks. Horford will be on the recieving end of Bogut's post-to-post passing and actually be able to finish, something that Gadzuric/Skinner and all the other stiffs the Bucks have couldn't do this year. Horford's tenacity for rebounds will be greatly valued here as Milwaukee was third to last in the NBA in in rebound differential (although really second to last, becuase G-State's strategy does not emphasize rebounding). Lastly he helps move Charlie Villanueva over to SF where he is more comfortable offensively. If the Bucks manage to keep and develop the post triad of C-Vill,Horford and Bogut they will have a formidable frontline that can do a little bit of everything offensively and defensively.

Stay Tuned Next Sunday for the second set of picks.


Will said...

Holy shit, a Jelly post

Tank said...

I'm upset about Corey Brewer going to the pros for one reason: no more over-sized undershirts. Get the knack, NBA. You take away the undershirt, you take away the mojo. Who does it hurt? Who does it hurt for a guy to play in a huge white tee.

Nice post, Jells.

Rex said...

Tank, maybe Corey Brewer will take after you and wear over-sized undershirts on the outside.

Will said...

If it's on the outside, it's not really an undershirt.