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NBA Draft 2007 Part 2: Reaches and Foundations

It's round two of the Jelly Draft-O-Rama

And let me begin with a tribute to the Mississippi Monster, the Bama Banger Antonio Mcdyess
It is a precautionary tale to all those young athletic centers, Dwight Howard, Tyrus Thomas i'm looking at you, adapt like he did, because your knees can go at any time.

Now onto the Next Six Picks

With the 7th pick in the NBA draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select...
Tiago Slpitter - PF Tau Ceramica(Spain)

I know some people(well the few hardcore-TANBRines that visit here) are saying to themselves "I guess Jelly must be on some hardcore Brazilian peyote to pick him over Joakim and the like." But Tiago makes perfect sense over Joakim or any other pick for the Wolves at this juncture. Minnesota has coupled with KG with non-scoring, rebounding, defensive post before and (Ervin Johnson, Mark Blount andMichael Olawakandi for chrissakes!) it doesn't work. The defense can still collapse on KG because they know his post cohort is incapable of sinking a shot. That's why Tiago is a better fit here than Jo-Noah, KG enjoys dominating downlow and getting rebounds, he needs someone who can pull his man out to to the 15 ft range. That's not to say that Tiago is a PF that just shoots however, as that would be a disservice to his game. He has improved his game playing in the second hardest league in the world(ACB) and even playing for the Brazilian National team. Tiago has also crafted a good back-to-the-basket game as well as a knack for defense. The one thing Noah has on him though is ball-handling, though Splitter isn't a slouch himself. Also this isn't a Darko or Skita case based soley on potential and not on game footage. Splitter starts and averages 11.5 pts/5.4 rebs/1.5 blks/1stl in 24 mins for Tau. Please Kevin Mchale, if you love all that is good in basketball , draft Tiago so we can finally see KG paired with a low-post scorer so he can go to the playoffs and dominate again.

With the 8th pick in the NBA draft the Charlotte Bobcats select......
Jeff Green - SF Georgetown

This is a more or less a system pick for the Bobcats. The Bob's are looking to build a team around defense and college pedigrees with NCAA sucess. He guided G'Town to the Final Four so that's one half of the equation accounted for. He plays a good brand of defense working well with JTIII's scheme. He is a very well-rounded player who averaged 14.3 pts on 50% shooting and even corraling 6.4 rbs and 3.2 ast last year in G'Town super-slowdown system. The only thing that makes we wonder about JG's ability at the next level is how effective he will be with the ball not in his hands all the time as he averaged 30% of his teams possesions while in college. However his ability to take over games and control the game in the clutch (which he did in collge sans the OH ST game) may be what the Bobcats need. Seriously, who do you want to take the last shot on this team:Okafor, Gerald Wallace (talented, but J's are not his forte to say the least), May, Morrison, Felton, BREVIN KNIGHT!

With the 9th pick in the NBA Draft the Chicago Bulls Select...
Yi Jianlian -PF/C Guangdong Tig
ers (China)


The Bulls are looking for a reliable scorer in the post. There options at this point are both projects, Spencer Hawes and Yi. Spencer has the edge on youth, being that he is only 19 and that he played where talent can better evaluated, NCAA. Spencer also has the strength advantage which also needs to be consid ered. Yi has the mystery factor that GM's love as well as a larger variety of offensive moves and ball-handling skills that he showcased during his CBA years and international play. The hidden reason why the Bulls will pick Yi is that he will sell merchandise and tickets like crazy. So look for the Bulls to pick Yi and give him about 20 mins burn a game(backing up PJ and Ben Wallace). And hopefully in 3 years the Bulls startung lineup would be (I'd VCR record every game if this happens (TIVO - bleh))

PG: Kirk Hinrich
SG: Ben Gordon
SF: Loul Deng
PF: Andres Nocioni

You have a first unit that can knock down 18-footers and jumpers from everywhere on the court, and the second unit (Thabo,T-Time, and Big Ben) can play vicious D. In other words, Basketball Heaven.
Now, there's something the basketball media has been afraid to address with the Bulls front office. Was the Eddy Curry trade worth it? The Bulls main weakness this year was a lack of a post-scorer. The Bulls real gain from the Curry trade was T-Time, granted he's got energy for days and and can leap out of the gym. So is a p roject player (granted he is a Youtube allstar) and a project player who plays the same position of the piece you traded away worth it for getting rid of a guy that doesn't always play D but can score pretty well?

With the 10th pick of the 2007 NBA Draft the Sacramento Kings select......
Joakim Noah - PF/C Florida

Sorry, I just wanted to post a picture of his mom

Joakim fits in great with the whole "Queens" moniker with his cheerleading-slap fight and ridicioulus dancing. However he also brings all the things to the table that they need. The Kings lack rebounding, as they are dead-last in total rebs per game, Joakim can do this well. They also lack a good post defender(kings are 2nd to last in blks) who is under the age of 29, Jo Noah brings that. He can also give energy plays and pass well for the post. It may sound crazy but if Jo-Noah works on his jumpshot he could easily be a a version of the Lakers Vlade, Jump-shots, steals, blocks, assists, rebounds and flops.

With the 11th pick of the 2007 NBA Draft the Atlanta Hawks select .......... Acie Law IV - PG A&M

See.. here's the reasoning why the Hawks wouldn't take Conley at the 3 spot. Because Acie will be there later on for them to scoop up. Law provides the Hawks with a PG that can shoot and score efficiently. Because i'm sorry Tyronne Lue, you made the NBA and big time props to that but you lost all credibility once Allen Iverson pulled that step-over on you in game one of the 2001 NBA Finals. But Acie helps this team out a ton. Hopefully he's court savvy and swagger can carry over to the NBA and be a legit point gaurd that can eventually average 15-7ast shooting 45% from the field. And hopefully the NBA lets him rock LAW IV on his jersey because that's just gutter.

With the 12th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft the Philadelphia 76er's select.....
Al Thornton - SF Florida St.

The Sixers real glaring need is at PF, but due to 2 reasons, The PF crop is weak, and the guys available would be a bit of a reach here, and they have 2 more picks to address this need. So instead they are in the mode of "take the best athlete available" and Thornton definitely fits the bill here as the numbers don't lie (41'' vert, 5.8 percent body fat at 6'7'' 220lbs, and doing well in the other elements of the basketball combine this year coming in as the 2nd most athletic SF with only Thaddeus Young coming up better than him). Although don't think that this guy is the basketball version of Mike Mamula. Kid carried FL ST on his back, and was the heart and soul of that Seminole team during his tenure. (well to no NCAA appearances, but that's more or less with the Seminoles refusing to care about their basketball program, I mean how can you lose a 7'0'' white center, #5 center in his HS class to coke!), and changed his game to become a harder threat to shutdown, he added some perimter skills to go along with his great ability to drive, bang, and play D. Hopefully he doesn't fall in love with the 3-pter in the NBA(Kyle Korver will do that for you), as that is the only detractor from his NBA sucess. Also kid's going to be an NBA Dunk Contest Champion soon.

And once again tune in to the same time, same place for the next 9 picks.

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