Saturday, July 21, 2007

Teaser for Next Week

I expected things on the site to be slow this summer, what with the dead-periods for the NBA and NFL, not to mention my starting a pretty competitive grad school program.

That's not really the case though. There are a lot of subjects I'm ready to write about (OMG Beckham's playing tomorrow!!! I can't even sleep!1!), and we even have a finished TANBR Recommends on the shelf for next week. Who knows? Since I've gotten so many compliments on the Elaine column, I might even try a "Why Sam Waterston has Lyme's Disease" thing. The reason why you don't have anything from us is that Jelly and I are working on something really big for next week. Like, bigger than anything we've done before. So keep that in mind, and pace this Starbury video in the meantime. It's good from the very beginning, but be sure to watch the whole thing:

"It finally happened yesterday when I kissed her. And I felt her body and I felt her soul. I was delighted to be kissin' her. I couldn't even cry. Because I knew they were going to be happy tears so I was able to control them. You know when you really cry? When they really bad stuff."

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