Thursday, September 27, 2007

Put 'Em on the Glass

Not safe for work. And probably inappropriate no matter where you are.

For the past five years or so, one of my favorite interjections has been, "Put 'Em on the Glass!" The demand seems authoritarian and strong, though I often used it as a non sequitur. Some of my best friends have no idea what I mean when I yell it. It's inspired by the Sir Mix-a-Lot song of the same name, the video for which was unavailable on YouTube until a few weeks ago.

The reason I'm a good blogger is that I search--every few weeks--for videos to failed Sir Mix-a-Lot singles. You're welcome.

If you don't mind, I think I'm going to get some work done now. I wasted most of last night fast-forwarding through the "Cold Case" season premiere just because it was advertised as "featuring the music of Nirvana!" So forty-five minutes of my life was wasted on, "Really? They used 'All Apologies' here? 'Sliver' would have been a much better choice."

By the way, Hustlenomics is way more solid than I expected. That is all.
Yung Joc feat. Bun-B and Young Dro- "I'm a G"

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Anonymous said...

Point counter point, Sir Mix a Lot. While the ladies are "dropping those thangs on the dash", the men can, um, do what T-Pain likes.

T-Pain on Ray J:

"Not too many guys can go after Ray J. The man got a huge meat, ok. He’s short, the man is packing. He’s got length on him. I got the width. Shit is wide. He got a foot on him. Man have a foot on him. Much respect to Ray. Man to man. No homo."

Thanks, wikipedia.