Sunday, November 18, 2007

TANBR Podcast 1- 11/17/07

TANBR Podcast 1- 11/17/07

I'll eventually get this thing on iTunes, but I have to claim ignorance on that. Does anyone know where I can get an RSS feed hosted for free?

For now, just download it from here. Hopefully they'll get better, and we'll do some more creative stuff with it.

Gratuitous Romo picture. He can probably beat "Freebird" on expert.

TANBR Podcast 1

Christopher Bowes


The Cool Kids- Mikey Rock, Chromeo- Bonafied Lovin', Lupe Fiasco- Dumb It Down, Jens Lekman- You Can Call Me Al

Sun, Nov 17, 2007 19:00:00 EST


indie rock, hip-hop, basketball, sports

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nick said...

nice call on "Bonafide Lovin'" - I've been rockin Fancy Footwork all semester and that's my top track, although the dialog in "Call Me Up" is a treat. It was a guilty pleasure at first, but this quote from Dave 1 hit my feelings perfectly:

"You can't be afraid to be down with a record even if it is ferociously unhip."

fuck it, I can unironically enjoy canadian electro-funk if i want to.

and happy birthday, sir.