Sunday, February 17, 2008

Changes to the Site

Under. Rated.

Hi, Gentle Reader. I hope you've been enjoying the all-star festivities as much as I have (as well as ESPN Classic's exhilirating all-star weekend marathon). As I've been basking in the light of Gerald Green's candle though, I've been obsessively re-tooling the site. You might have noticed. Cosmetically, there isn't much going on: the wood-grain background is gone, as are the outdated jerseys hanging from the metaphorical rafters. I hope to get a professional-looking banner Photoshopped that does a better job of showing the variety of topics we cover. (Adam? A little help?) Truthfully, considering that maybe two posts have even addressed a season as exciting as this one, the jersey motif was not very representative of the blog as a whole.

Instead of playing with the look of the blog, I've concentrated on bringing us into the 21st century and making the whole thing more functional. As you scroll down, the sidebar on the right will point to an improved archive and subject tags that should make it easier to explore. Furthermore, I sorted out the RSS feed. Although the icon itself has proven temperamental, you should be able to just search for us in your reader and subscribe. We'll see if I can follow suit with iTunes.

Naturally, there's also a Scarlett Johansson picture now.

There was one thing I was unsure about. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll notice that there are some Google-powered ads. I tried to put them in a spot where they wouldn't bother you (not a good marketing strategy), but if you have a problem with it, I'll take them down. I don't want this to be cheesy, but it would be nice if we could get some bread for all of our hard work.

That's a longer post than I originally envisioned, but here's the gist of it: TANBR wants to do whatever we can for you to enjoy reading the blog. May the pace be with you.


Nick R. said...

Upgrades look good. Am I the only one to feel cheated by the Superman Man dunk, given that Mr. Howard did not, in fact, dunk the ball, instead throwing it in? just saying.

Tank said...

Some people have taken the stand that throwing it through is actually more impressive because he was up high enough to do that. I kind of felt cheated too.

This year is a pretty good argument for allowing the judges to see the replay before pacing their scores. Superman looked worse after the replays while Birthday Cake looked much better.