Sunday, May 25, 2008

You Ask a Stupid Question, You Get a Stupid Answer

Reggie Miller has done some terrible work so far for ESPN. I'm a bit prejudiced since he was one of my least favorite players ever, but I think I've been fair in my evaluation. I don't mind the occasional flubbed pronunciation and I can get around his Theismanian stating of the obvious, but as he openly roots for the Spurs throughout the playoffs, (Let's remember that he was a flopping O.G.) I'm tired of mercy. I wanted to take Reggie up on his TNT mailbag offer. So I wrote him the following:

Reggie, what makes broadcasting so difficult for you?

And, depressed as I might be by this fact, Reggie kind of punked me a mere six hours later.


So Reggie Miller is a bitch, and that's a bit of a bitch response, but I have to admit that I kind of got played. He gave me the brusque answer I deserved and let me know that he's laughing all the way to Marv Albert's left side. I still find solace in two things:

1. Reggie Miller answered my E-Mail in six hours. I don't think he's getting many posts to his mailbag with that turnaround. He probably just has form responses set up, like, "I actually think I do deserve to be in the hall-of-fame despite the fact that I could never create my own shot and had to run around three screens on every play."

2. Reggie Miller doesn't know how to use ellipsis. I mean, the two period thing he hit me with is just baffling. Whereas three periods would denote some kind of continuation and/or trailing off of the thought, two periods is just confusing. Is he leaving the point open or trying to close it? Does he even know? Is this some new technique he was taught at UCLA? It makes what would have been a confident answer a little more tenative and less effective. That's a history major for you.

I hate Reggie Miller, and I don't think he's heard the last of me.

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