Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics

A few thoughts on last night's blow-out:

Ladies and gentlemen, inspired by the immortal Peyton Manning Face, I give you: Kobe Bryant Face.

If you ask Mark Jackson, the reason Kobe didn't have a good game is because he didn't "put the kids to bed."

That jaw-dropping play when Garnett hung in the air and banked it in with one hand? That's totally my secret weapon in water basketball.

"Um, KG, I think you meant to say 'impossible is nothing.'"

Speaking of The Big Ticket, here is his Twitter update from yesterday. Don't ever go back to The Blowtorch though. There would be no reason to hang around here anymore.

Can we not ever dunk Gatorade on a basketball coach again?

I halfway expect this morning's ESPN crawler to read "Kobe Bryant dies of alcohol poisoning..."

James Posey just won the unrestricted free agent sweepstakes. And whatever kind of sweepstakes this is:

I'm hoping Larry Legend had tickets for a potential game seven, because it was kind of inexcusable that he wasn't at that game.

Speaking of ESPN, I like Mamba and everything, but I'm looking forward to the apologetic tone of every talking head on the Worldwide Leader in retracting the Kobe vs. Jordan debates. Do you ever remember a game in which MJ didn't score for a fourteen minute stretch?

Big Baby Davis now has more championships than Patrick Ewing. That makes me warm inside.

On the radio earlier this morning, one of the DJs was put into the position of being Black Guy Who Doesn't Know Anything about Basketball but Feels the Need to Pontificate about It Because He's Black, and he talked about how Kobe Bryant is going to "be a beast in the off-season" and how the Lakers "need to get rid of Luke Walton and Sasha Hoovasick." I know a bunch of these guys, and they're all Lakers fans. Also, anyone who would insult the greatness of Luke Walton is woefully unaware of his performance on "The Young & the Restless." Luke is a YouTube legend. Take some time this afternoon with his search results and "whoever she is...tell her I said thanks."

But hey.

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