Friday, June 13, 2008

The R. in "Vindication"

R. Kelly Acquitted on All Counts in Child Pornography Case

Can "by the mole on his back" now replace "by the skin of his teeth"?

"Stupid bitch I'm fa-mous."

I haven't been so forthright in rooting for the defendant of a child pornography case since...ever. It was six years in the making, but we should be hearing the triumphant legal kiss-off by tomorrow I guess. After the verdict, Kells probably drove straight to the Rock and Roll McDonald's to get some fuel for an all-nighter in his lab. I love this man. No, Homo.

So excited I could pee on a minor:
R. Kelly- "Hair Braider"

R. Kelly- "In the Kitchen (Remix)"
R. Kelly- "Real Talk"
R. Kelly- "Heaven I Need a Hug"
R. Kelly- "Gotham City"
Hotstylz feat. Yung Joc, R. Kelly- "Lookin' Boy (Remix)" (Incredibly, this is getting radio play up here. I can't believe I haven't mentioned its hotness on the site.)
A/B/X- "I'm a Flirt (Shoreline)"- R. Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene

I've been meaning to link to this for a long time too: These Are Powerful Hours is a website that compiles "artisinal power hour mixes for the discriminating binge drinker." They basically take the best sixty-second snippets of sixty themed songs and stack them on top of each other. It's the one situation when blending songs into each other is ineffective; the curators create ruptures on purpose so that you know when a minute is up. One of the best playlists--and I've spent some time with a few of them--is The White Power Hour: The Robert Kelly Power Hour. It starts off slow, but there are some important early inclusions like "Summer Bunnies," and achieving drunkeness with a finale of "Ignition (Remix)" and "Rise Up" is pretty rewarding. Maybe I've said too much.

Best "National Anthem" ever.
(And why not throw in the
O.G. epic video, for which embedding is disabled for no reason? "Look at me!")

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nicholas said...

God bless the American justice system. Also, loved the mash up.