Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Rap Sasha Vujacic Was Writing in His Head During Game 5

Sasha Vujacic went 2-10 tonight and 1-9 in game four. This is what he was thinking as he was taking those shots:

Uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh, what
Sasha Vujacic on the mic
I Screw ya chicks all of the night
It's the diarrhea flow, I can't stop the poo
Got the headband, lookin' like I'm Shabba Doo
And it's not for you, Kobe, I'mma take the three
Like that chair on TV, I'll pimp slap you up
Like a car with a flat, I just jack it up (yeah)
Chris Mihm with me chillin' in the back of the truck (no homo)
Hair to my shoulders, dick to my knees
A rock star? Naw, it's just number eighteen (Vujacic!)
Pink Floyd on 'em: welcome to The Machine
Slovenia ain't just where I'm from, it's in my genes
I can toss up a jumper without even seein' (that no-look)
I catch and shoot, I chuck it and duck it
Look at the scoreboard, dog, I...shit, it's getting close. I have to go jack up some more three-pointers and flop on defense.


nicholas said...

Vujacic has become known as "Vuhjayjay" among my classmates. Yes, the fruits of post-graduate work...

Will said...

How about Vujockitch? Anybody?

Tank said...

You're both more creative than me. I've just been calling him "guy who lost a jump ball to Sam Cassell."