Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Baseball Game I Enjoyed?

Baseball is often tedious and seldom exciting for the first seven innings. From the eighth inning through the rare thirteenth, it's exactly how the sport is meant to be played: shrewd bullpen decisions, pinch-hitting and -running strategy, hitters running out every play, daggers thrown home from the outfield, bunting and stealing bases to manufacture runs, both sides doing literally whatever they can to win. Then, any time you have a game that lasts longer than thirteen innings, everyone involved is ready to go home and things get ridiculous.

This game was a shade above that ridiulous notion--if it had lasted one more inning, we would have seen the right-handed pitching stylings of David Wright--but it was a wonderful night for baseball.

Even then, the average football headline the next day is still more compelling. And did you know that the days bracketing the MLB All-Star game are the only two on the calendar in which there are absolutely no sports to gamble on? For the sons of bookies, it's like Christmas. Just a fun fact.

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