Friday, August 08, 2008

Best of TANBR

Best Sports-Related: 756

Best Culture Criticism: Wikipedia Is Ruining the Concept of Knowledge

Notably Relevant Music-Related: Tha Drought 3: Notes on the Temporal Nature of Rap

Most Crash-and-Burn Idea for Running Series of Posts: Not Feeling the Sweater Vest

We Probably Only Made Ourselves Laugh: LSU Power Rankings

Best Idea: The NBA Draft Terminology Fantasy Draft

Best Live Blogging/Funniest Post No One Has Read All the Way Through: LiveAIMing the [2007 Men's Basketball Championship] Game

Best List: Rating Jordan's Commercials

Best Poll (only poll): DUI Poll

Best Analysis of Minutiae: Notes on T-Pain's Usage

Best LSU Post: Your Post-Spring Hodson-to-Fuller Update

Best Photo Caption: Wait, People Are Talking about Basketball?

Racially Dicey:
The Don Imus Post
It's G-H-O-N-E, but It's Pronounced "John"

Notably Well-Researched:
Rating Jordan's Commercials
Ranking the Sports Months
People Still Listen to the Radio?

By the Way, We're From New Orleans:
Johnny-Come-Latelys and Saints Odds and Sods
Oddsmakers: Where Can New Orleanians Expect a Jeremy Shockey Sighting?


steve said...

Totally forgot about the DUI post. Good times. Bob Huggins driving with vomit on the doors and dashboard has been underrated as a comedic moment.

MT said...

I'm dissapointed you boys didn't make it past 6. Great posts though, and I feel you on weight watchers and drinking. It's hard, but your drunk rolls way harder.

keep a look out for a pink/purple t-shirt, caption: you're not hard.