Friday, August 01, 2008

Best Rapper Alive Bracket

I was reading a copy of Vibe yesterday in Barnes & Noble and was intrigued by their Best Rapper Alive bracket. I flipped immediately to that page, only to find that two other people had already filled it out with their opinions. I didn't plan on buying the magazine, but--manners be damned--I wrote in my picks right above theirs. It was the most hip-hop thing I had seen in a long time.

The bracket is a bit illegitimate, since I'm pretty sure LL Cool J and Rakim are still alive, but it's fun anyway. My elite eight was the rather conventional Jay, Kanye, Weezy, Ludacris, (I'm not that big of a fan, but that branch of the bracket was weak.) Eminem, Nas, Andre 3000, and Ice Cube. What did you guys come up with?

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