Friday, August 08, 2008

Green May Salvage Favre's Legacy

I'm not sure if anyone's thought of this, but there's one redeeming factor in Brett Favre being shipped to the Jets: the jersey color. I posit that many of the sad twilight-of-career jerseys are depressing because their color schemes are in such contrast with our mental image of the player on his primary team. Examples:

Emmitt Smith, Cardinals (from Cowboys)

Nothing says "Future Demoted ESPN Countdown Talking Head" like the switch from royal blue to desert-blinding red.

Joe Namath, Rams (from Jets)

I'm probably all alone on this one, but I think the NFL will have an 80s/90s revival, and all those sleek, metallic uniforms of the '00s will be re-replaced with their old primary color counterparts. The Rams, seeking something to turn their Linehan'd franchise around, will be the first on the trend. I can only hope the Bucs, Seahawks, Patriots, Bills, and Broncos follow suit.

O.J. Simpson, 49ers (from Bills)

Blue with red trim to red with gold trim is about as stark as you can get. Luckily, it was a vertical promotion, and everything worked out well for Orenthal post-Buffalo. What's he up to these days, anyway?

Michael Jordan, Wizards (from Bulls)

Part of me thinks Jordan chose the Wizards because he realized their rather revolutionary cobalt/black/copper color scheme would look excellent on a pair of $200 sneakers packaged in a briefcase. I kind of hate Mike Jordan now.

Joe Montana, Chiefs (from 49ers)

See? This one's not so depressing in hindsight. Only subtle differences separate the two, and Montana was actually serviceable in KC for a little while. Also, the 1994 75th Anniversary logo is so hot right now.

I know I'm leaving out some, but TANBR Turns Two is all about substance in brevity. Unless you're refreshing the blog every half-hour, which is unquestionably not the case, you may miss some posts in the fast-paced world familiar to every other sports blog out there.


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