Sunday, August 03, 2008

In Preparation for the TANBR 2nd Anniversary

August 8, this Friday, marks the second anniversary of This Ain't No Bank Robbery. The past two years have flown by for us, so hopefully you've enjoyed reading the blog as much as we have writing it.

In commemoration of our two year anniversary, we plan on having a marathon day of posting on Friday. You know, like a real blog. We have a few tricks planned, but this is also where you come in, faithful TANBRines. If you have any questions or ideas or items you want us to address, hit us up on the E-Mail before Friday, and we'll try to get them in.

That is all for now. Just so that this isn't considered a throwaway post (Will), here are the opening credits to Slam City with Scottie Pippen for Sega CD. That's Scottie rapping, a guy jumping out at you and hissing "Fingerrssss," and the inability to pass up the sequence by pressing start. Pace.

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Will said...

Don't think that just because you drop my name in a post I'm going to comment on it...shit.