Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jason Kidd's Inner Monologue As He Is Picked Fourth in a Neighborhood Pick-up Game

Jason Kidd- "What the Kidd Did" [from the compilation B-Ball's Best Secret]

Here we go. Ol' J-Kidd has to stay limber in the off-season. Not going to be very good competition for me out here, but I have to stay loose. Actually, I'm surprised I wasn't named one of the captains, you know, being a future hall-of-famer and everything. I guess they couldn't find another guy as good as me to be the other captain, and they wanted to have balanced teams. That must be it. Yeah. Still, you'd think they'd let me pick the teams since I'm probably these kids hero--

How you like that? I can't believe they didn't pick me first...I guess maybe that guy is a bit taller than me, but is he the NBA's active leader in assists? That dude just doesn't know what's going to hit them when I--

Hmm. I wasn't the second pick? I mean, that guy does look a bit like Jason Terry. Maybe they think he's Jason Terry, and Jason Terry would be a pretty good player in a pick-up game. That I have to admit. Probably not as good as a nine-time All-Star like me, a guy who's going to be playing lock-down defense and spreading the ball around, droppin' dimes on these fools who--

Come on. This is ridiculous. You're telling me there are three guys out here who are better than me? Was that fat dude they just picked on the All-NBA team five times? Lemme go ask him to pull his Co-Rookie of the Year Trophy out of his fat ass. What's going on here? Is it because I'm Black/White? I'm gonna teach these youngsters a thing or two about--

Finally. Don't turn it over. Don't turn it over. Don't turn it over...

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