Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Reign Man Returns

Shawn Kemp signed a million dollar deal with Premiata Montegranaro in Italy. Why is no one talking about this? My man Jelly just shit himself. I mean, anyone who saw the August 5 Slam feature on the Reign Man had heard the rumors, but this is amazing. I have to break out my Supersonics Starter jacket and my Kemp hologram cards.

Some Italian dude: ""I am happy that a player that has made basketball history would come to Montegranaro." My roommate sophomore year of college: "For the party, instead of swamp juice, we should call the punch I made 'Shawn Kemp Power Juice.'"

The dunk at 3:28 is the best evidence I've ever found for my pro-taunting argument.

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