Friday, August 08, 2008


(fourteen beers- sorry.)

Everyone says that Carmelo is such a perfect international player, and he always seems to shine during the Olympics. What's the link between his stellar career at Syracuse and his career as an Olympian? Jim Boeheim is the head coach of his college and an assistant coach with the US team. Is it possible that only Boeheim can understand 'Melo and unleash his greatness?

Foreign films will become less and less popular over the years because people actually have to pay attention. They can't play online and do a hundred things as they watch. You can quote me on that. Even fewer people will watch foreign films.

Translation: "Pretty like you are, you know what I mean?" Seriously. I'm not being funny.

Now the NFL allows one defensive player to communicate with the booth. You're welcome, commentators. Now you have one more reason to praise Ray Lewis this season.

You know what the funniest thing about new Facebook is? It doesn't work.

Brandon Marshall got a three game suspension and Adam Jones got over a year. Don't worry about it. Pac-Man caught six punts on "Hard Knocks with the Dallas Cowboys."

Blankets by Craig Thompson is the best graphic novel ever written.

Read it.

Brett Favre has a certain Bushness to him. I'm waiting for him to say something about being "the decider."

Buy some Lea & Perrins. There's not much that you can cook that wouldn't be better with some quality worschteshire.


nicholas said...

Within the next year, I hope to convince a girl to sleep with me after borrowing my copy of "Blankets." Either that, or go on 2 awkward dates.

Anonymous said...

wow... TANBR has outdone itself. Brilliant day, boys.