Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drunken Auburn Bullets

I notice we're not doing the Get Money/You Can't See Me celebration anymore. It's so played; I heard Notre Dame's actually doing it now.
  • First off, so proud of this team. With youth at the quarterback, secondary, and linebacker positions, finding a way to win on the road is invaluable in the long term.
  • That said, we're not even close to being the elite SEC team. We should start by actually calling effective offensive plays for four full quarters. Is there any explanation as to why we just turned it on midway through the 3rd quarter?
  • Actually, yes. Hatch getting paced (that's kind of going to happen when you dive headfirst on every run in the hardest-hitting game of the season) was probably the best thing that could've happened. When your young quarterback has the threat of being benched in the back of his mind, he's probably going to be a little hesitant. When it was apparent that it was Lee's game, the mood changed completely.
  • Danny McCray sucks balls. The co-defensive coordinators do as well. Seriously, this guy's not even a "hybrid" nickel package guy anymore-- he's too slow to be a corner and too small to be a linebacker. Go with Chad Jones, please.
  • I love Rahim Alem. I love Charles Scott. I love Tyson Jackson. I love Colt David. I love Chris Hawkins. I love D-Byrd.
  • The clock management at the end of the first half was some of the worst I've ever seen. Um, commit to either getting points or running the clock. I'm OK with either. Just make a choice.
  • I love Les Miles.
  • My goal at the beginning of the season was winning the West. One would think that beating 'Bama on 11/8 should get the job done. We'll see. I'd like to split the UF/Georgia games 1-1 though.
  • Can we please blitz a little more? Are our corners that unreliable? Do we have to play nickel 75% of the time? Does Danny McCray have nude photos of Bradley Dale Peveto's wife? Can Jacob Cutrera tackle anyone in the open field? Is Charles Alexander going to become the first seven-year Tiger?
  • We're supposed to be so "talented" that we can just "reload," right? How have we not had an effective, consistent punt returner since Eddie Kennison?
  • I hated Auburn so much this week that I've been talking to this die-hard Alabama chick. Sort of a low point. She's basically a carbon copy of your typical 'Bama coed. "Roooooolllll Taaaahhhhhddddd." In other news, Arkansas might be the worst team on our schedule this year.
  • Notice how Tubs was complaining about the non-call on the last play? The hit was legal and all, but I see where he's coming from. But did you notice that a flag was on the field because it fell from a ref's belt by accident? Fire up the DVR for this one. I was prepared for the worst, but this was probably the best-called LSU/Auburn game in years.
  • When we stopped them on 4th with about :20 left, it's like the players didn't even believe it. We took a knee, and Chazz was walking around like, "Um... it's over? Yes? Why is no one celebrating?" I'm with you, Charles. I was prepared for the first touchdown-subtracting penalty in FBS history. So fucking proud of this team.
  • Went to a house party tonight in ridiculous LSU clothes-- it was almost a purple blazer night. I particularly love letting UT fans know that, if they played in the SEC, they'd go about 7-5 every year, and if we played them right now, we'd win by 24.
  • So proud. Next up... State.

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Tank said...

The best part of following a college football team religiously is no homo watching young men mature. Three years ago Colt David was relegated to extra point duty, and the best thing he had going for him was his Facebook profile. Yesterday I realized how much confidence I had in him trying fifty yarders. The dude is actually good. How awesome must this experience be for college football parents?

Also, yesterday I tiger-baited an Auburn fan and got War Eagled back. I have to admit it's a pretty cool-sounding thing to say. It sure beats soo-ey. Once again, Arkansas fails.