Monday, November 17, 2008

Vince Young's Thoughts from the Sidelines Yesterday...

(as written by Cormac McCarthy)

Do you remember me? Am I remembered?

Each day I remember. I remember to curse a god who isnt there for this knee. This knee that has gone numb, its final gift the cold sharpness of pain. Sharper than rapiers. Sharper than steel.

I look across the gray sky at him. I look at him as he arches his arm high above his head. He manages and I stare down at the clipped grass. I press my clipboard hard in my hand. I almost let it go, almost throw it down. I dont. The rain begins.

It rains and I stare at the one with the moustache.

Can we run the wildcat this time, I ask.
No, he says.

I have thought about death. In my darkest hours, when I am shirtless and at my most frail, I have thought about death. But death is not my friend. We are unbeaten. We are untied. But I am getting cold now.

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adam said...

I don't know what sort of shirtless orgy that was, but it didn't look pleasant.