Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sean Williams Trespassing, as Explained by Charles Bukowski

Is there an adjective for "really looks like someone who would be trespassing"? Something more critical than "suspicious."

This black guy Sean Williams is a bastard. A real bastard by all accounts. Back at Boston College he had gotten fingered for smoking grass. He beat up some woman too I think, but everybody's done that. Every bastard at least.

It's tough to get into trouble in a town like Boston. I mean, you really have to be up to no good. I worked at a dog pound in Boston when I was younger. Scraping shit off the cages, covering my ears all night to shut out the howling. I remember lugging sacks of beer bottles down the street to throw at cop cars. I mean, that's actually a city where you have to try to find trouble. And trouble found this gorilla.

This weekend he got booked again. I'm guessing he drank a shitload of beers and stumbled out to the BC-Duke basketball game. (I've always been a boxing guy, but we all have to waste this circus called life somehow.) The problem was he had some kind of trespassing order out against him, something from back in goddamned May. Of course he lied when they came up to give him shit, saying he had been invited even, telling them, "There's some kind of lack of communication." That's what you say when this happens I guess. One time outside the Cincinnati airport I was picking up this whore who ended up being a cop, and I talked her head off with entrapment-this and entrapment-that before slugging her in the face and running as fast I could. A guy wiser than me said, "If you can't convince them, confuse them."

Anyway, when they carried him off downtown for fingerprinting, instead of signing his name he wrote piss and shit and fuck and cunt. Might be my kind of guy after all.

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