Thursday, March 26, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure: You Are a College Basketball Player

You are a nineteen-year-old African-American man, possibly wearing a headband. You play power forward for your team, but you're only about 6'6"--what one might call a "tweener"--so you have a limited future at any level higher than this. You receive an inbounds pass and are besieged by defenders, who are set up in a full-court trap.

- If you want to dribble out of the trap, skip to paragraph two.
- If you want to pass the ball to the pointguard who dribbles between his legs unnecessarily, skip to paragraph three.

You attempt to dribble out of the trap and split the double-team. You, however, play in a robotic offense in which you rarely have to handle the ball, so you are unprepared for the situation. You turn the ball over, as your team will do seventeen times in the game. This leads to a fast break layup for the opposing team. This layup will take them out of position, and they will take their time getting back on defense, which will lead to your team getting a fast break layup. Return to paragraph one.

You pass the ball to the hotshot pointguard and make your way to the other side of the court. When he gets caught in another trap, he passes it back to you. You note that the defense is in a 3-2 zone. You look puzzled for a moment, then hand off the ball to a guard to set up the robotic offense.

- If you want the guard to jack up a three, skip to paragraph four.
- If you want the guard to drive to the basket, skip to paragraph five.

He jacks up a three and misses it. You didn't box out well for the rebound, so you go over the back of the other forward. You corral the rebound without getting a foul called on you. Return to paragraph three.

He drives to the basket with reckless abandon.

- If you want him to throw up an awkward scoop shot or finger roll, skip to paragraph six.
- If you want him to kick it out to a teammate camped out at the three-point line, skip to paragraph seven.

Somehow, he makes the awkward scoop shot or finger roll.

Your teammate jacks up a three. Return to paragraph four.

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