Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things You Might Not Know about Tyler Hansbrough

The torch has been passed:

Tyler Hansbrough owns a non-
Greatest Hits album by The Doors.

When an alpha-numeric password is needed for something, Tyler Hansbrough's password is "1password".

Tyler Hansbrough salutes people instead of waving at them.

Tyler Hansbrough mutes the TV during commercials.

Tyler Hansbrough only knows one magic trick, but it's decent. He cradles a stack of cards in his left hand and starts fanning through them with his right hand--very casually, without looking. He demands that you tell him when to stop. When you do, he quickly pulls up whichever card he's on and shows it to you, shielding himself from it. He inserts the card back into the deck and tells you to shuffle and cut. When you give the deck back to him, he scours through the cards with feigned effort and produces the one you picked, much to your amazement. What you don't know is that he knew what your card was before the trick even began. It's a sleight of hand. When you tell him to stop, he really just pulls up whichever card was on the bottom of the deck, but he does it too rapidly for you to be able to tell. Sucker.

Tyler Hansbrough protects his car from the heat with one of those visors fashioned in the shape of a pair of sunglasses.

When anything with the word "club" comes up in conversation, Tyler Hansbrough interrupts, "Dude, first rule of ___ club is you do not talk about ___ club."

One time Tyler Hansbrough typed "911" in Wingdings, and it's totally a plane with two things that look like towers. Just saying.

Tyler Hansbrough makes jokes about Keanu Reeves' acting ability.

You have a Lil' Green Patch request from Tyler Hansbrough.

If you're playing chess, Tyler Hansbrough will watch over your shoulder and say, "I see mate in...three moves."

Tyler Hansbrough's mouth moves when he reads.

Tyler Hansbrough's breakfast Monday through Friday is a toaster strudel, but he fires up his famous migas on the weekends.

Tyler Hansbrough normally loves Adam Sandler movies, but Bedtime Stories was too sad.

Tyler Hansbrough is not going to be a good NBA player.

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Anonymous said...

You know I'm sad about the death of Things You Might Not Know About Manu Ginobili, but this post brought me back to those days. And because I don't know who Tyler Hansbrough is, I'll just pretend it was Manu.