Thursday, June 25, 2009

Even More Tyler Hansbrough

Unless Jelly comes through in the next two hours, we won't have a draft column. This is all I've got. I'm trying to pack for a huge move back to Louisiana and will be lucky if I even get to watch the draft.

If Tyler Hansbrough were on "The Price Is Right," he would always bid one dollar.

Tyler Hansbrough has an extensive collection of I [Heart] NY shirts.

Tyler Hansbrough has a poster of assorted beer bottles with the caption "What I Really Learned in College."

At red lights, Tyler Hansbrough puts his car into park and gets out to root around for something in the trunk.

When he goes to sporting events, Tyler Hansbrough brings signs upon which he has written witty acrostics involving the call signals of the network covering the game.

When Tyler Hansbrough sees people fighting, he chants, "Jer-ry! Jer-ry!"

Tyler Hansbrough uses the abbreviation "T.M.I."

Tyler Hansbrough is pretty sure Barack Obama is a Muslim, but he's downright positive that the guy's going to take all your guns. He's sending an E-Mail about it right now.

Even though he's way too old to do power hours, Tyler Hansbrough made a power hour playlist of his sixty favorite songs. Oh wait, that was me.

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P.T. said...

Live TANBRing? Please?