Saturday, July 25, 2009

Media Roundup on That Recently-Leaked Controversial Video

"[LeBron] has been grievously wronged here. Our people and resources are in full support of [him] as [he] deals with this abhorrent act."

“[He’s] shaken and kind of paranoid,” the source said. “Everyone is very nurturing to [him]- which [he] appreciates- but you can tell the whole thing has devastated [him]. It’s all so reprehensible.”

"No, the reason the video has gained such traction, and the reason everyone is so upset — and I can assure you, I've yet to talk to a single person, blogger, blog reader, ESPN employee, sideline reporter, upright walking normal human being, who wasn't profoundly disturbed by this — is because we all felt somewhat complicit with [James]. Everyone felt like they knew [him]. They didn't, of course. But everyone with an interest in the world of sports was present for [his] rise."

"[He] was the victim of a crime and is taking action to protect [himself] and help ensure that others are not similarly violated in the future. Although the perpetrator or perpetrators of this criminal act have not yet been identified, when they are identified [he] intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material. We request respect of [LeBron's] privacy at this time, while [he] and [his] representatives are working with the authorities."

"But. I have never met [LeBron James]. If I ran into [him] on the street today ... I'm not sure I could look [him] in the eye. I'm not sure anybody could."

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