Saturday, August 08, 2009

TANBR Turns Three

Explosions in the Sky- "The Birth and Death of the Day"

Today, August 8, is the third anniversary of This Ain't No Bank Robbery. Last year P.T., Jelly, and I celebrated throughout the course of the day. This year we're a little more busy, and I'm not in the mood anyway. I've been working through a little depression lately, and dwelling on the time I've spent on my unsuccessful blog does not feel like the solution.

Thank all of you for reading. I work hard on this and make no money from it, so any feedback I get keeps me going. I know I over-write, but I think I've improved over time, and I appreciate having an outlet to muse about all of this stuff.

I'm going to continue with the lists until the end of the year and/or until I finish them. After that, we'll see where this goes. Here are some greatest hits from the past year. Thanks again.

"#19 and #22 and #40 Albums of the Decade- Animal Collective"
"R.I.P. Michael Jackson"
"TANBR NBA Draft Liveblog"
"#6 Song of the Decade- 'John Wayne Gacy, Jr.'"
"If NFL Front Offices Were Fourth Graders Trading Football Cards at Lunch"
"The Lil' Wayne Book Proposal"
"P.T. and Chris Attend the Basketball Hall of Fame"
"Why Do We Hate Tim Tebow?"
"Why I'm a Republican"
"Welcome to Heartbreak"
"Quarterback Controversies of the Future"

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Anonymous said...

I love TANBR, and my resolution for TANBR's 4th year is to read the Deleted Scenes more. Sorry I've been slacking!